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The latest news • 2024-01-31

Trends for the future from Future of Hospitality Institute

Our Future Living research project has provided us great insight into future trends, and we think these are 3 hot trends to follow.

  • Hybrid Spaces


Whether you are looking to diversify risk, improve the guest/resident experience, increase attractiveness of your asset or all of these, the trend for hybrid space looks set to accelerate this year.

In our Future Living survey 35% of respondents said that their employer allowed them to work from anywhere, all or part of the time, so creating a new type of business travel demand that is independent and experiential driven.

Creating complimentary uses under one roof, such as accommodation type for differing demand profiles or creating coworking to cater for this changing work/live demographic all contribute to a more vibrant place to be.

The term ‘spaces for services’ has been coined by others but we think perfectly sums up this different kind of approach to the ‘use’ of a building.

  • Intergenerational serviced living


If our Future Living research has shown us anything it is the consistent themes that exist across accommodation demand, whether you are a student, forging a career in the modern hybrid workplace or seeking an active later living experience.

Removing age barriers and providing accommodation solutions for need rather than age can lead to a more vibrant existence to the benefit of all. Integrating communities within a development can help with this.

If it’s great for a 25 year old why wouldn’t it work if you’re an active 70? 

  • Circular digital guest journey


Technological progress in the hospitality and living sectors has been incredible, but much of this still exists in silos and can often be a hindrance to guests/residents rather than a helping tool. But things are changing, and we believe a big trend is the emergence of connected technology to create a digital experience which benefits both the guest and employee/host.

The digital solutions squad, a working group created out of the Future Living project, is actively working on a solution that links the different actors involved and identifying a best practice approach.

If you are interested in staying ahead of future trends in the biggest growth area of real estate, participate in the Future Living research project phase two starting in June this year. Contact Paul Rands for more details.

Paul Rands
+44 207 516 2288

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